Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ruby Ribbon

Hey Ladies,

Today I have Ruby Ribbon, this was a part of one of my recent hauls in which I picked up this and 2 others out of the Revlon 4 piece collection of suede/mattes for fall/winter.

I love this colour, It remindes me of leather! lol. Let me first start by discussing application. The brush on this polish was weird, I must have gotten a wonky one because I had to trim some stray bristles that were sticking out. Other than that the brush was good to wok with once I got the hang of it. ( the other 2 I purchased did not have this problem)

The formula was great, very pigmented. I used only 1 coat! You have to work quicky with this polish since it does have a suede finish it does dry very quickly. The polish would get thick on the brush if I didn't apply fast enough or take a break between hands (leave the brush in the bottle for a minute before doing the other hand). As long as you keep that in mind, application should be pretty easy.

The polish dried faster than other Revlon polishes I own, this is pretty standard for polishes with this finish. One thing I was worried about was not being able to use any lotion while I was wearing the polish in fear of losing the suede finish. This polish was awesome though, several applications of lotion a day and still looks the same as the first day I put it on :) Very impressed with that.

This photo is the most colour accurate

Over all I love the colour, very unique, especially with the suede finish. The colour also shifts depending on the lighting from deep red, burgundy, deep purple and brown! The shimmer appears more in the photos that is actually visible on the nail. I'm sure if a topcoat was added the shimmer would stand out more.

Wear so far has been excellent, I applied the polish on Saturday and the phots were taken on Monday night. I am still wearing the polish now and other than slight tip wear I have no chips at all! I hope Emerald City and Powder Puff wear this well.

What do you ladies think of this colour or collection? Which is your favorite?


  1. That is so pretty - I am def. going to have to get it now... I have the Emerald City and I think it's my favorite - that may change though once I personally try the Ruby Ribbon. Thanks for posting :)

  2. I really like the color, but I'm not a fan of matte/suede fan. I think Emerald City is gorgeous, but I'd wear it with a shiny top coat.

  3. Morgan, Thanks and no prob :) I can't wait to try Emerald City, i may wear that next

    Megan - The last matte I tried (Nicole by OPI) really turned me off of them, but I an really enjoying this polish! It wears way better than Nicole and keeps it's finish, plus I don't own anything in my collection like this. I might add a topcoat tonight to see if I like it. I like how it's kind of 2 polishes in 1 :)

  4. really lovely, i've been thinking of buying the green one from this collection, so i'm waiting to see it from you. kisses

  5. I think this and Powder Puff are my faves. Now I want to wear these again! :) I never tried mine with a top coat yet but I can't wait to see your shots if you do!

  6. oh! that is gorgeous!! i have Emerald City on right now & its so pretty :)

  7. Revlon is coming up with some awesome colors! They need to keep it up! This color really is beautiful! I don't own any matte or suede, but I do plan on getting some soon. :)


  8. Une Ruxi à Paris - I may wear Emerald City next, look for the post next week :)

    JQ -Now I want to try Powder Puff next lol. I'll have to make up my mind soon, changing the polish tonight!

    Katrina & Lindsay - thanks, I'm really loving this mini collection :) I hope they come out with some more great ones. I'm on the lookout for Perplex :)

  9. It's great to hear the finish stood up to lotion - that has been one of the things that's turned me off from getting any suede polishes.

  10. Une Ruxi à Paris - Aww thanks you :)

    OnceBitten - same with me, I only tried my first matte polish last month but was disappointed in wear and how the finish disappeared after a couple of hours. This one really impressed me :)


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