Monday, January 24, 2011

OPI - Brand New Skates

Hello ladies,

Today I have a polish I picked up right after Christmas, OPI's Brand New Skates. This polish was from OPI's holiday collection from 2008, Holiday in Toyland. I never had interest in this polish before, but I was kind of on a buying frenzy on boxing day when I picked it up! That day the sun made this polish look very interesting so I figured I would try it out, when I got home I had mixed feelings. In the bottle indoors it didn't look like anything special, almost even frosty! But when I finally got around to trying it on, I fell in love :)

Click to enlarge for most accurate colour/finish depiction

The polish colour and finish were super hard to capture! In the bottle picture above, the right side of the bottle is the most accurate depiction of the colour/finish in all of my photos, so please enlarge! The base colour itself is a medium to light charcoal with blue undertones. The shimmer is what really makes the polish interesting, indoors it looks more like a white, sliver flash, but is is actually a yellow/gold/green colour in other lighting.

Very true to it's name, it reminds me very much of a skate blade :)

Natural Light

This colour also reminds me of the pictures I've seen of Sally Hansen's Opulent Cloud. It's not as fosty/smooth and doesn't have a duo-chrome, but the gold and grey together in this polish are similar to SH, OC.

Application was only okay, I needed 3 coats to reach opacity as the formula was pretty thin, and I probably could have gotten away with one final coat. Other than the polish being thin, it applied very well with the pro-wide brush :)

Natural Light

In my photos, it almost looks like the the polish has a chrome, frost, or foil finish, which it does not. Amongst the shimmer there are little tiny flecks of gold, VERY pretty and super hard to capture in a photo.

Camera Flash Light

Overall I am very happy I picked up this polish on boxing day spontaneously, if not then I don't think I would have even bothered to try this polish. What do you think of this one?


  1. Oh wow so pretty!! love the shimmer!!!

  2. This sounds like a really pretty color. Are the gold flakes similar to Zoya Crystal?

  3. It looks like OPI´s Lucerne-tainly Looks Marvelous, but better I think!

  4. Thanks ladies :)

    Megan - I don't own Cyristal, but I want it so bad! sorry, I don't know how they compare. In photos I have seen the flakies look much larger and more reflective than the ones in Brand New skates which is almost more of a shimmer

    sonidlo - In the photos is does appear that way but it does not have a foily finish. This colour was so hard to capture! Its more of a shimmer than a foil.


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