Friday, January 14, 2011

Flurry Up!

Happy Friday Ladies :)

The snow just keeps piling up here in Toronto, similarly I keep adding to my snowy mani ;) ... cheesy, I know lol

Today I have a mani refresh for China Glaze Frosty. I wanted something soft and subtle originally, a stamping over the white shimmery polish with a light pink maybe?

I ended up creating an accent on my ring fingers with fauxnad plate BM 11 and Sally Hansen Salon polish (older rectangular bottle) in Flamingo. This colour is awesome by the way, it really pops and is more pigmented than I would have thought. It's great for Konading. I topped that off with Flurry Up from Sephora by OPI, which I LOVE!

After a couple days of this I added 1 thin coat of Flurry Up to the rest of my nails for some subtle glitter, I may have added more coats for my ring fingers trying to get out as much hex glitter as I could. I find that the less you saturate the brush with polish, the more glitter you end up with on the nail.

Click to enlarge and see higher quality image

The glitter looks almost grey/black on my nails but it is actually a shimmery silver like in the bottle. Also This photo was taken after 6 days of wear! I have almost no tip wear but I do have some slight cracking in the nail polish, not really visible because the polish is white. Does anyone else have this problem with China Glaze polishes? I find it happens every so often but only with china Glaze.

For those of you who don't know, Flurry up was apart of Sephora's limited edition line for the holidays, it is identical to Only Gold For Me, that was released as a part of the summer limited edition collection, only silver. Both polishes consist of mini and hex silver glitter suspended in a clear base. I actually forgot about the smaller glitter pieces when I put it on! It was all about the hex glitter for me I guess. The small glitter really does add something extra to the polish over all.

click to enlarge

As you can see in the screen cap above, for some reason the swatch on the site makes both Flurry Up and Only Gold For Me look like the glitter is in a white base, but this is not true in the actual polish.


  1. this is a great look!! I especially like the pink nail

  2. I was wondering about this polish I thought it would leave more glitter on the nail...Thank you!

  3. Une Ruxi à Paris - thanks, me too, I never used that pink before but now I think I should!

    The Narc -technically you can get better coverage with multiple coats, but I really did not want a lot of glitter on my nails since I will be removing the polish tomorrow.

  4. the grey + the pink flamingo stamping looks perfect, it works so well together.

    I don't own any sephora polishes..what do you think of them? good? worth it yes? the special LE ones that you have are so pretty..and i'm sad I missed some of the LE polishes.

  5. Nice blog and designs... I'm a polish obsessed, too!
    Greetings from a new follower :-)

  6. shortwidenails - thanks :) There are a lot of nice Sephora by OPI polishes out there, currently in States they cost $9 and in Canada they are $12! That's ridiculous considering the dollar is pretty much the same right now. Due to the price alone I try not to purchase $OPI's, but sometimes I cannot resist!

    So far most of the polishes I own are glitters, so not too sure how to rate the polish over all. I hope to wear 212 soon and will post it up when I do.

    Angeles - thanks :)


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