Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Very Merry Midnight - PIC HEAVY!

Hey ladies,

Today I have one of the polishes I have been lemming the most since I started collecting, it's OPI Merry Midnight. I had been searching for this colour for a while now, I was not as big in to nail polish when was released apart of OPI's 2009 Holiday collection originally so finding it for a decent price was difficult.

I had searched in Beauty Supply shops, online, including eBay, Amazon and other etailers. If it wasn't sold out, it was a ridiculous price. I just checked eBay right now and it is priced between $25 - $40 dollars before shipping!

My last resort was a salon I had been to in the summer (if they even still had it!), they were selling it for $12 which I thought was too much at the time. I'm glad I didn't give in because I FINALLY found it at a Beauty Supply I frequent! Had I missed it in the past? Had they just restocked? I don't know how I would have missed it before but omg, when I found it, I went nuts! I ultimately ended up purchasing it for $7.99 with no tax!

Enough of my ramblings, on to the photos! They are all huge so please click for a larger view.

Click to enlarge

Look at all the colour in that bottle... Merry Midnight is a deep plum jelly loaded with flakies, fine blue glitter and some extra shimmer. The flakies change deepening on the light between red, orange and green.

As I'm sure you can tell, I took many photos of this polish to show you how the flakies and glitter look in different light settings. There was so much going on in this polish and it changes depending on your light source. The first set of photos were taken outside on a snowy overcast day.

These next pictures were by the window in indirect sunlight.

The last round of photos were taken in direct sunlight. Yay, finally some sun :)

In lower lighting the purple can be quite deep, but in natural light you can see a lighter based red tones purple.

The overall application was not what I would have thought. The first coat was very thin and pretty sheer. In the pictures I have 4 thin coats of polish. Since this is a jelly you do have to build it up a bit. It was totally worth the extra time to get the depth this polish has.

I finished this mani off with a thin coat of Seche Vite for some extra shine and I am totally in love with it :)

Speaking of love... Today is my boyfriend and I's 2 year anniversary :) He is super awesome and totally supports my polish obsession lol, he is the first person I told about my blog and the only person who knew about it in my family for the longest time. He is just amazing and perfect and I am very much in love with him. I know he doesn't frequent my blog, but if he happens to stumble across it today, Happy Anniversary :)

I was undecided on if I wanted to post a photo of us up when I wrote most of this post yesterday, but I chose to today :) I don't have a large selection since I am at work and not sure if he would like be posting up his photo without permission so here is one of my fave pictures of us from last year lol.


  1. really really really pretty color. And happy aniversary!!

  2. I am in live with this color. Flat out obsessed, actually. :D O.P.I NEEDS to produced more of this color and put it in the stores! I am very jealous right now. :D
    And Happy Two Year Anniversary! Congrats!


  3. I LOVE this color! I want. :) Happy anniversary!

  4. That's so pretty! Love this color :) Happy Anniversary!!

  5. Thanks ladies :)

    Lindsay, I hope you find it!

  6. Such a cute couples pic. :) Happy anniversary!

    So great you found a polish you really wanted for a reasonable price!

  7. I wanted to add... I also tagged you in the Stylish Blogger Award :) http://passthepolishplease.blogspot.com/2011/01/ive-been-tagged-stylish-blogger-award.html

  8. KarenD - thanks :) It does feel good! I kind like searching for hard to find polishes :)

    Morgan - Thanks a lot! I will be posting about the award tomorrow :)

  9. Wow! Such a lovely color. Thank you for sharing. This is definitely going on my wish list :D

  10. Thanks, I'm still wearing it lol, I applied it on Saturday and it's still going strong :)


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