Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hot Topic Haul and a Deborah Lippmann Dupe

Hello ladies!

Who knew my mom would finally give in and support my habit?! lol I got a call from her last week when I was at work, she had found some reduced polishes at Hot Topic. Now, I had actually forgoten that there were any Hot Topics even in Canada! I think they recently opened some up in Ontario, there may be only 2 or 3 locations.

Anyways, Though vague descriptions over the phone of mini packs of 2 polishes, I told her to buy all she could find. The result? I only liked 2 of the 4 sets picked up, but it was worth it :)

Below are the 3 polishes I liked the best

On to the bottles!

This was one of the sets, a bright yellow and an interesting large hex multicolour glitter.

The next set included a black jelly with purple small and hex glitter (*ahem* Bad Romance dupe?) and a blurple cream which reminds me of Color Club - Pucci-licious, which I LOVE!

All swatches below are 2 coats. I was pretty impressed with the creams, especially the yellow! Very bright and pigmented and not streaky at all! They both dried to a glossy finish, there is no top coat worn in the photos.

The Bad Romance Dupe could have used a 3rd coat, but it is a jelly and the formula was much thinner than the cream polishes.

The glittery polish could have been more saturated with glitter, as you can see 2 coats was not even close to full coverage, although I didn't expect it.

Here are the mini swatches are all together... I'm now just realizing that I think I may have lightened these photos a LITTLE too much lol, although the colours are totally accurate. I may re-upload edited photos when I get home from work tonight.

The other 2 sets I received included a green and red/pink cream & a medium pink and black shimmer.

What do you think of these Hot Topic polishes? Would you buy them? If you own them, would you purchase more?


  1. Your nails are great! How do you keep them from staining?

  2. Thanks! I love you blog by the way, you have some amazing nails :)

    How do I keep my nails from staining? I wish I knew, they actually do stain a bit but not as bad as other peoples nails i've seen. I have some slight yellow discoloration, nothing too drastic but still not pretty lol I tried scrubbing with lemon juice but that didn't really help. I'm open to any suggestions though!

    What I usually use to try to prevent discoloration is use a base coat. I use China Glaze Strong Adhesion which I love :)

  3. That yellow is great...and so is the blurple. Great finds!

  4. I find that my parents are much more supportive of my polish addiction when I'm stressed from school or not feeling too happy. LOL!!

  5. danggg~ need to go to Hot Topic soon! haha

  6. Megan -Thanks :)

    milan and vanaily- lol I wish! the polishes were on sale, that was probably the only reason why my mom called me lol

    Katrina - do it! I've only ever been to the one in the States, gonna be heading there soon again :)

  7. Just had to say that I love the shape of your nails! I need to regrow&shape mine...

    Hurray for your mom supporting the habit of yours XD My mom used to complain...but now she ends up 'borrowing' them forever lol

  8. aww, thanks, that means a lot for you to say that :) It definitely didn't happen overnight. I had been a nail biter for at least 15 years! It has only been within this last year that I have actually been taking care of my hands, cuticles and nails.

  9. Hi Danielle! Great swatches, as always. As a recently recovered nail biter myself, I can understand your 15 year struggle ;) As for whitening, whitening toothpaste works althouh you can also buy whitening paste specifically for nails (but it's still mint scented, so it seems like the same thing). My question for you is: I know your blog is fairly recent (I've been reading since about post #3) but how did you get noticed? I just started my own nail blog and I'm hoping people will eventually want to read it! lol

  10. Aww, you're sweet! and thanks for the tip :) I might try that before my next polish change.

    My blog is fairly recent, I definitely was not this nuts about polish this time last year lol. I'm not really 100% sure how it all happened actually, it was a slow process though! Some people have actually stopped following my blog also.

    There are some blogs that feature new blogs and post their links on their site pretty regularly, Getcha Nails Did was one that helped me out.

    Not sure how much it will help you out since I don't have many followers, but i hope that anyone who reads this will check out your blog:


    Common ladies, check it out! she has Tronica swatches!

  11. Aw thank you, you're a sweetheart!

  12. Just wanted to let you know that I'm following you both now haha. I'm new too so thank you for the advice!

  13. Thanks, thats great that you started your own blog also, i like the black and pink zebra nails :)


    Check her out ladies :)


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