Monday, January 10, 2011

Emerald City Refresh

Hey Ladies,

Today I have a mani refresh for Revlon's Emerald City. As you may remember this polish dries to a suede/satin finish. After the seond day of wear I decided to add some fauxnad (BM plate) and a nice glossy top coat of Seche Vite.

enlarge to see the sparkle!

I had originally wanted to do a half moon mani, but didn't want to cover up the pretty green, so I found a design that had a curved pattern and used that instead :)

The polish I used for the BM plate stamping was Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, Rave review. This polish is a foily silvery gold, and is great for Konad stamping. I chose a flower design which reminds me of St. Patrick's day because they look like little 4 leaf clovers!

enlarge to see the sparkle!

A glossy topcoat really adds a lot of depth to this polish and brings out the lighter shimmer in the polish. I think I may actually like this polish better with a topcoat. Very pretty and shiny!

Which do you like better; Suede/Satin or Glossy?


  1. looks great with the design at the base of the nail. I bought the same nail polish after I saw your review.

  2. Thats awesome! Have you tried it out yet? Let me know how you like the formula.

  3. *Sigh* I LOVE this color! And I'm so glad I have it. It's actually one of my favorite colors that I have, and the other day I found "Ruby Ribbon"! I was SO excited.
    I really like this manicure, because, like you said, the fauxnad design doesn't cover up "Emerald City".
    I think I might like the color better with a top coat, because it has so much depth to it But without a top coat is still awesome. I guess it depends on my mood.
    This is turning into a very long comment, but I just happen to have a lot to say about this color! Lol!


  4. lol no problem I love reading my comments :) I think I like this one better with a top coat as well, so much depth and sparkle! I'm glad you like it too


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