Friday, January 21, 2011

Blue Jelly

Hello ladies,

I was so upset with myself yesterday! I had this post all ready to go but I uploaded the wrong photos and did not have the correct ones at work :( So today I have yesterdays post!

This was a random polish I purchased for 50 cents. It looked nice enough in the bottle, a deep blue jelly, so I decided to try it out. It reminds me of the pictures I've seen of the new Revlon's Navy jelly everyone is picking up.

I was still rocking Merry Midnight on my fingers ;)

The only downsides to this "brand" of polish is the smell and brush. The smell is really strong and bad! This polish is definitely not big 3 free. The brush for this polish was alright compared to the brushes on other bottles of this polish I have purchased, they are very inconsistent.

The brush on this one was big and bushy lol it that makes sense. The brush on others have been cut on an angle, shorter or curved!

This polish was made and/or distributed by the same company that had bottles similar to Nfu-oh I showed in this post.

I applied 2 coats to my toes over a base coat. Due to a not-so-shiny finish I added 1 coat of Sheche Vite to shine it up.

I really love how this colour looks on my toes, unfortunately the extreme close up does not do it justice. Although fairly dark, you can tell that the shade is blue, not black. I was considering adding some glitter or shimmer overtop, but I think I like it the way it is :) What do you think?


  1. Thank you so much for all the comments and following, too. :) Will do the same!

  2. Love the colour! When I'm normally unsure of whether glitte will add to it or make it worse - I try it out just before the polish needs to be removed, then if you don't like it, it can come off - otherwise you know for future it's a good look :)

  3. I tagged you for the stylish blogger award :)

    xoxo Joelle

  4. Salla - no prob, great blog :)

    Samwells87 - good tip, thanks.

    Joelle - thanks :)

    Alessandra - thank you!


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