Thursday, January 6, 2011

Revlon Emerald City - Suede

Hello ladies,

Today I have the final polish out of the 3 I purchased from Revlon's Fall/Winter, Matte/Suede collection, this is Emerald City.

This colour is a deep green with a fine green shimmer, the photos basically speak for themselves. Without a top coat, as shown in these photos, the finish of the polish is more suede than matte which is nice.

I wore this polish without a topcoat for 1 full day and did not get any chips, but I did get some minor tip wear on the corners of my nails.

I also used only 2 thin coats! You could get away with one thick coat, but I preferred 2 thinner ones. This is very pigmented and applied well overall. It dried moderately fast which was good considering other Revlon's I own take forever to dry.

What do you ladies think of this collection? I was very impressed :) Next week I will show you how this looks with a glossy top coat and some fauxnad.


  1. I've been waiting for this post!!! and it didn't dissapoint!! It's just gorgeous. I think I'll go buy it too.

  2. I have this one too and I wore it during the Holidays! I love the smooth velvety it has :)

  3. Thanks ladies :) I wanted to wear this one before Christmas but never got around to it. I finally put it on the other day because I was in a hurry and it was perfect!


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