Friday, January 7, 2011

These Bottles Look So Familiar...

Nfu Oh?

Click to enlarge to see the detail on the bottles

I ment to post this sooner but Christmas and Holiday time got in the way. I found these polishes at the Fragrance and Cosmetics Depot I always talk about. Can you believe they actually advertised for these polishes in the newspaper saying they are a "Designer Brand". I only saw the ad after I purchased these.

As soon as I saw the bottles in that place I knew it was too good to be true, but could you imagine! Nfu-oh's for only 50 cents? lol I only purchased these for the bottles. The black is thick enough for Konading with, the yellow is okay, don't have a neon yellow like it, and the green... just wanted another bottle lol. FYI, these smell super bad lol.

The bottles are not quite identical to the Nfu-ohs if you know what I mean, check out my photos below. The caps don't quite line up properly with the bottle design.

How my bottles look:

How the bottles should look:

Weird huh! The bottles all state on the bottom that they are made by a company called PSK Toronto, along with their postal code. I tried Googling them, but all I came up with is that they are a cosmetics and fragrance distributor out of Mississauga, no real website.

Interesting huh? Any thoughts?


  1. Hmmm...looks like they're trying to cash in on a good thing, though anybody who knows their shite knows that these aren't legit. At least the bottles are cute.

  2. ha bad nfu's :D nfu bottles are preeeeeciooouusss and those are just chear but still good looking;]

  3. Weird! But I actually like the color of the cap more than I like Nfuohs :( and is it smaller? Looks really small on the bottom picture..

  4. Megan - true, I think it's only people like us who would actually know what a nfu oh is! lol

    sabbatha - I agree!

    rajih - i don't own any myself to compare, but I agree it looks smaller in the last pic. They are a decent size.

  5. that's kind of cute =) hhehehe. fake nfu ohs..but 50cents.oh so good

  6. I just found some PSK Toronto bottles in a perfume store of the building I work in here in downtown TO. Similar but the tops are just plain green or pink metal caps. Can you tell me where you got these? I like your caps better lol.

    1. I actually got mine in a perfume store as well (Designer Fragrance Depot) although they sell a bunch of different things. However, the one that I found these at has since closed down, I found these polishes a little over a year ago.

      The other location I've been to hasn't had these specific polish bottles :( Sorry I couldn't be of better help.

    2. Oh thanks for the info anyway. At least I still have the ones in my building :)


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