Friday, February 4, 2011

China Glaze Hauls... from December to now!

Hey Ladies,

Today I have post that is a long time coming! Some of these polishes were purchased in late December but I just forgot to post them. I guess I should start with the most recent and go back from there.

Within the last 2 weeks and I stopped in to Sally's 3 times to see if they had any more polishes reduced. To my surprise the Sally's closest to me had China Glaze, Ick-a-body which I had wanted for a while reduced to $2.50 :) I also picked up a base coat of Gelous for my weak thumb nails on another visit. Upon checking out the next closest Sallys I also found China Glaze, Jitterbug, another one I had on my wish list for $2:50 as well :) I was supper happy about both of these!

I just received these lovelies in the mail last week from apart of China Glazes Anchors Away collection. Although there was a great variety of beautiful colours, I decided more on the dusty neutrals; Sea Spray, Pelican Grey and Below Deck.

In December Sallys had a promo when you purchase any 2 China Glazes you get 1 additional China Glaze free! I picked up Dorothy Who?, Lubu Heels and Emerald Fitzgerald. Emerald Fitzgerald being from the fall collection was reduced to $2.50, but I got one of the full priced polishes for free also apart of the 3 polish promo!! Such a great deal! Durning this visit I also purchased Orly's Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, if you missed the post, this is what I wore for Christmas, you can see that polish here. In total, the 4 polishes with tax only cost me around $16!

Speaking of Sally's, they have a promo at their Canadian and U.S stores, when you buy Seche Vite Top Coat you get Seche Vite Clear Base Coat for Free! Pretty good deal, I might have to check it out ;) The U.S stores also have their whole stock of Orly's for $4.99 which is great! Canadian stores are more unfortunately :( I will be heading to the States this month so I just may have to search for a Sally's :)

Heppy Friday everyone, hope you enjoy the weekend ahead :)


  1. So many pretties. I am waiting for Dororthy Who? It is so gorgeous. Very nice haul

  2. I just picked up Dorthy Who? also, I can't wait to use it. Nice haul!

  3. Thanks ladies, I really want to wear Dorthy Who soon, but I fear removal lol


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