Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snake Skin Konad

Hello ladies,

Happy Chinese, Lunar New Year to all who celebrate :)

Today I have kind of a mani refresh. After 3 days of wear and no real sunshine to bring out the amazingness that is Sephora by OPI - 212, I wanted to do some nail art. Since the polish is so complex with the glitter and flakes, I thought it would look too much with something stamped on top. Because of the dark base if I used black for a more subtle look it might not even be scene!

I almost decided to take all the polish off and polish on a new colour completely, but then I saw OPI's At Your Quebec and Call on my desk. I applied one thin coat over 212 which was perfect!

At Your Quebec and Call is similar to China Glaze's Peace on Earth but more of a deeper murky green and gold than the lighter green and yellow that is Peace on Earth. Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph this on its own, I was really in a nail art mood the other night!

photo is a little more yellow than in real life because of my desk lamp

On its own, this black label OPI (which is the first and only I own... so far) is pretty sheer, and I would imagine needing at least 3 coats for full coverage. 1 coat over a dark base is perfect though! What's nice about the opacity of the polish is that you can still subtly see the shimmer from the glitter and flakies flashing though from 212.

Very close to actual colour, can you see the glitter from 212? Enlarge for a closer look.

From the photos you can see that I stamped the fishnet pattern from one of my Konad plates to cover my whole nail. Man I miss the full nail Konad patterns! I had been using the BM ones for a while now, the Konad ones actually fit all my nails way better than the BM ones!

I finished of this look with a thin coat of Seche Vite for a nice glossy shine :) Since the base colour on my nails is so dark, the black fishnet pattern is subtle and reminds me of snake skin. I really love this mani, I've never done anything like this before where I don't want to remove it right after I finish!

What do you ladies think, does this mani remind you of snake skin or anything else? what do you think of the colour? the first time I saw it I HATED it but after I saw a lot of Peace on Earth around christmas I really craved this polish for some reason lol.


  1. Looks great Danielle! I got Peace on Earth but it's still an untried! I will eventually got to it, maybe sometime in March!

  2. I just saw a similar color today when I was shopping! I think it was a bit redder but gorgeous anyway. I'm loving the color. :)

  3. Very nice! I like how the color has an almost dusty appearance.

  4. Thanks ladies, I am loving this mani, still wearing it :)

  5. Sooo hot! Great job and perfect effect. :)

  6. Thanks, this has to be one of my fave Konads to date. It's a full nail design, but it's subtle enough not to be too over the top.


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