Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Kisses - A Fauxnad Mani

Hello Ladies,

Today I have a Valentines Day inspired mani since it is coming up soon. I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Sonic Bloom as my base added some kiss/lip BM stamping.

At first I didn't know 100% on how I was going to incorporate the lips/kiss stamping image. The initial idea I had was to to a white french mani and put a single kiss on select fingers below the French tip. But that had ben done before, I wanted something new. I thought of using Lubu Heels as a French mani with a red kiss, but red over black didn't work.

Right hand

In the end I decided to layer some pink and white kisses on my ring and thumb fingers so it looked like a full nail pattern. I really love the end result!

Right hand

It's a full nail pattern, but when used with similar colours and on a couple of nails is subtle and adds more interest than if i were to add it to each nail. The colours I used were perfect for this, a light pink and white, the two colours played well with each other and gave the design some depth.

I prefered the way that my right hand came out to my left hand. I did my left hand first, so it may have been the practice from that hand that made the right a little nicer.

What do you ladies think :)


  1. Oh how adorable! I love this mani! =)

  2. I love this look. That red/pink looks so pretty!

  3. Pretty pretty pretty!!
    I love the lips pattern

  4. I'm loving this manicure! I could definitely wear this, too... And I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day, so that means a lot. :D

  5. thanks ladies, I'm glad you like it :) i wish the main colour came out more accurately, not so red, more bright pink with coral unertones

  6. They are so awesome! I love that kiss image so much and it does look wicked as a full stamp.

    I found that a few of those insta dri that are really pigmented do okay for stamping as well, though they aren't as good as Special polishes for sure.


  7. I like how you layered the kisses into a pattern :) the stamping definitely looks more interesting with more colors


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