Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Glossy Konadicure

Hello ladies,

Wow, it's been a week since my last blog post! My cold is partly to blame, but I have really been feeling lazy lately... I hate it, I don't really want to do anything. Maybe it's the weather or something, I'm really hoping that spring comes soon :)

Although I haven't posted since last Thursday, my current mani was applied on Friday, so yea, you didn't miss much lol. I wanted to do some sort of Valentines themed mani so I looked at my collection of polishes and picked out some pinks and reds and did some skittle swatches to see what I liked best.

with flash indoors

no flash before appetizers arrived for Valentines :) I love how jelly this polish looks!

A shot my boyfriend took

I ended up going with NYC Glossies Raspberry due to its smooth application, jelly like appearance (although it is not) and shiny glossy finish. I applied 2 coats with it's wider than normal polishes brush. It was perfect! The only bad thing I can say about this polish is that I applied this mid afternoon and still got sheet marks the next day! Weird, maybe it's the formula, I mean, this polish is kind of old. A coat of Seche Vite made it perfect :)

I kept this polish on it's own for Friday and took photos... I had forgotten to insert my memory card in to my camera though so I don't have pictures :( I was very upset about this because I had some sunlight that day too!! Anyways, I still wanted something Valentines-y, but then decided to go will a full nail design from a Konad plate. I never used or really liked this one that much, but I feel like the upward lines really elongate the nails. It also was not to over the top so I applied it to every nail.

What do you ladies think, Valentines day appropriate?

On another note, wish me luck for tomorrow :) I am heading to the States to do some Presidents day sale shopping lol. Me and the boyfriend went last year too, this year we mapped out a bunch of stops along the way to major malls including Ulta (CANNOT WAIT!), Sally's and Big Lots. I hope to come back with a bunch of goodies to show you on Monday!


  1. I love it !! Have a lot of fun on your trip, and I suppose you will get lots of polishes.

  2. This mani looks wonderful and your nails look gorgeous! Have fun on your trip ;)

  3. So pretty! The color looks absolutely edible.

    Have fun on your trip, don't go all crazy on nail polish! :D

  4. Oh so pretty! =) Love it!

    Oh I'm so jealous of you going shopping tomorrow!! Now YOU gotta let me know where your big hauls are!

  5. Hello fellow GTA-er! Love the nails-and when you go to the States, don't forget to check out RiteAid or CVS if you come across them (even Fashion Bug had a couple cool polishes); they too have some polish brands that we Canadian's can't get (and some we have but cheaper)!

    Should I email you my shopping list? (Joking, I was just there in November and plan another trip soon!)

  6. That really does look like a jelly! I love the mani. Have fun on your trip to the States, I hope you find lots of goodies!

  7. thanks so much ladies, glad you liked it :)

    Salla - you know what's weird? i plannd most of my stops around places that sell nail polish lol

    Kee- don't be jealous, you'll go soon. I will definitely be sharing my polish buys with all of you!

    mrsrexy - howdy :)thanks for the tips! I wanted to check out a CVS but I don't think it's along our route, will definitely stop is i see one though! I know I'll be by a Rite Aid.

    ABOP - thanks :)

  8. I sure hope I go soon. Although...with 21 bottles of polish coming my way...I might not be able to justify buying more. LOL!

  9. Kee - lol, it but be hard not to buy anything while you wait

  10. LoL I've been good so far! I only bought White Cap for myself these past 2 weeks LOL. I've been having to tell myself that I'm getting a big haul.

    I'm picking it up sometime this weekend so I've not long to wait!

  11. Danielle, belated Happy Vday! I love this color! I can't wait to see your new polishes! :)

  12. Hope you find tons of good polish deals! I'm on my way there myself tomorrow and am also dying to check out Ulta. Hopefully you didn't forget about Dollar Tree!

  13. rins - thanks :) I picked up a good amount but didn't go too crazy. I will definitely post up my new polishes sometime this week!

    queen of crap - I found one good place I definitely need to go to again, if your going to the Walden Galleria mall you need to check out this random beauty supply place right before DSW. omg, they must have had 20 bottles of OPI crackle and almost all major salon brands of polish! decent prices too :)

  14. Adorable mani!Will you show us all the goodies you brought from the US?

  15. Thanks :) I will for sure post it up this week :)


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