Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OPI - Here etoday Aragon Tomorrow

Hey Ladies,

Today I have an OPI suede polish for you, Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow. I picked up this polish in the late summer last year and just wore it for the first time now.

The bottle looks weirdly shaped in this photo, not to worry, it's just my lens.

The polish formula is kind of cool, OPI calls them suedes. The finish is actually the same as matte polish, but the glitter and shimmer in the polish make it appear as though it has texture, hence the "suede" name they give it. This is the seond one I have owned so I figured if there are any of you out there who have not tried these before, now you know what to expect :)

Overall application of the polish was great, I only needed two coats to reach opacity. Since this is a suede/matte polish it did dry fairly quickly to a matte finish.

Natural day light

In the flash picture below with the flash you can really see the texture in the polish.

I did find that after one day of wear the polish did start to get a bit shiny from lotion/natural oils etc, which kind of sucked. I think this polish is comparable to Revlon's Emerald City Matte/Suede, they are similar but not exact dupes.

I wore this polish for 3 days and didn't experience too much chipping, I hardly got any actually! Whenever I hear about matte/suede polishes usually there is a lot of chipping invloved. The only chipping I experienced in the 3 days was on my thumbs, and they are the first to chip ALWAYS! I even filed my nails with this polish on and it didn't chip, pretty good for me :)

This polish is great when you are short on time and want something on your nails that will dry quick. I was really expecting more though... I'm not sure if it's because this polish seems more Chritmasy/Winter to me and we are going in to spring. I will have to try it again closer to winter this year to see how I really like it. For now its just meh, but looking back at the photos, I really like the suede finish and depth and texture it gives.

Tune in tomorrow to see how I change this mani slightly for St. Patrick's Day :)


  1. It does remind me of Revlon's "Emerald City", but it's still really pretty. But because I have "Emerald City" I'm going to pass on this one.
    I have the original color "Here Today Aragon Tomorrow", not suede, and I really like it.
    And I agree, it does have a winter feel to it. :)

  2. this is gorgeous!!definitely my favourite of the suedes.

  3. I've been wanting this one for awhile. I have two of the Nicole suedes and the finish is amazing on them.

  4. Lindsay M. B - yea I've seen photos of the original, I really like it, such an awesome deep green

    Une Ruxi à Paris - do you own a lot of the OPI suedes?

    Queen of Crap - the only other suede I on is a Nicole also, it's called No Limits and I only got it becuase I thought it was a good dupe for OPI's Russian Navy suede.

    sonidlo - glad you like it :)

    milan and vanaily - i should have but it was too winter for me, I had to change it lol. when I was applying it that was what I had planned on for a couple of days in to wear, it's really pretty before it dries, so much dimension.

  5. Ahh I know what you mean, you're applying it and you're like "oo!" then it dries and you're kind of disappointed. But I think a good top coat usually does that, maybe try it out before you remove it. I hear it's super sparkly when it has top coat on it. :)


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