Monday, March 14, 2011

Houston... We have a Purple - Mani Refresh

Hello ladies,

I have a quick post today, before a removed Houston... We Have a Purple, I played around a bit with my BM plates. This pattern is actually really pretty and came out great!

Lamp light, most accurate representation of colour

I didn't actually wear this as a full mani, I had been wearing HWHAP for a while, but wanted to test out my skills for application os the smaller BM plates.

For stamping I used a Sally Hansen Silver Chrome polish, they always come out the best with stamped images and dry super fast.

I didn't have a problem with this pattern, I even got the double stamp on the thumb to come out almost perfect! I would definitely try out this pattern again.

What do you think of the BM full nail designs?


  1. That is a very pretty design! I really need to improve my Konading skills...even though it's harder, I'm much more comfortable with freehand nail art.

  2. I just order some bundle monster stamping plates:)
    This looks really pretty!

  3. Zara - a little bit of practice really helps with konad. Thats awesome that you do freehand, so much more creative :)

    - Josie's Nails - thanks, you'll like them, so many designs, so many different ideas!


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