Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My New Nail Art Plates!!

Hello ladies,

Today I wanted to share with you my latest purchase from the Born Pretty Store. While I was searching their site a couple of weeks ago I came across some new fauxnad image plates, which are almost exact duplicates for some Konad plates. The best part about these plates is the price, and lucky for you the price has been reduced since I purchased them!! So if you want them, I'd pick them up soon before they are all gone. Right now each plate is only $1.55, awesome, right?! Also just yesterday I noticed that they added a 16 plate grouping for under $17 and free shipping as always. It seems like they keep updating everyday, they even have stamping polish for sale here.

Below are the ones I purchased originally, I already put in a second order last Monday when I realized they went on sale. To go directly to the product shown below on the site, just click the image.

New Lovely Heart Stamp Template-m59

New Bowknot French Nail Art Stamp Template-m56

New Bowknot Necklace Nail Art Stamp Template-m77

New Butterfly Nail Art Stamp Template-m78

New Flower Design Nail Art Stamp Template-m76

Below are photos I personally took of the plates I ordered to show you get exactly what is posted from their online photos.

Don't they look super close if not identical to the Konad ones? These are the images I just made a second order for:

New Lotus Pattern Nail Art Stamp Template-m66

New Stamping Sticker Nail Art Stamp Template-m65

New Snowflake Design Nail Art Stamp Template-m74

Can't wait to get these new ones :) What do you ladies think, will you be purchasing any of these?

One last note before I finish my post today, I got a comment the other day from a lovely reader, JQ of Frippry Digits suggesting my Easter mani would look good mattified, so I did it! It had crossed my mind too, but ran out of time before Easter to do it. I thought what the hell, I'll wear it mattified for one day. Soooo LOVE THIS LOOK! Very Cadbury mini eggs :)


  1. Great deal. Did you try the plates out yet? I'm hesitant to order knock-offs without a full review because some don't stamp properly.

  2. I love that you can get these cheaper! I just ordered Bundle Monster plates, and now I want these ones!

  3. Queen of crap - Yes I have, I used one of the pates in the last image in this post. I also have a post coming up tomorrow where I used them as well. So far so good, I have only had an issue with one design, but it was a small one. I'll go in to more detail in tomorrows post.

    Elizabeth - just ordered the new BM pates too, I have sooo many right now, but they are so much fun. I'm trying to make more use out of them so expect to see more Konad/fauxnad/BM designs coming up soon.


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