Monday, May 30, 2011

Dannii With BM Plate 221

As I promised today I have Zoya's Dannii with BM plate 221, below is a photo of the plate:

Such awesome designs, right? Does anyone know what he Asian character means on the left of this plate? I don't think I would feel right using it if I didn't know what it meant lol. I used the full nail design on the far right, pure optical illusion. I actually didn't think too much of this one when I first saw it but decided to try it anyways. I sooo ended up loving it :)

indoors, camera flash

I stamped with an old Sally Hansen 10 day no chip in Blackberry. This is my favorite non-konad black stamping polish. Look how perfect it picked up the image, but it never bleeds or streaks when I add a topcoat. I really liked working with these new plates, they feel stronger and thicker than before. So far I haven't had any issues with picking up designs on the ones I have tried :)

I love these sun photos, the gold shimmer in Dannii really shines though the black design. I couldn't stop looking at my nails when the sun was out.

So wow, Zoya polish is awesome and I cannot wait to participate in this program again next year. I am already making a list of polishes I want!


  1. OH MY! Danii is gorgeous I need this shade in my life!

  2. Gorgeous! I think you should name this manicure, "Hypnotic."

  3. the chinese character means luck!
    this mani is gorgeous

    i love purple so this design stands out to me :)

  4. Toesthattwinkle! - Yes, this one is really pretty, so much nicer on the nail than in the bottle for sure, especially in the sun!

    DesertNails8 - lol, for real! I wish I thought of that earlier.

    Belle - thanks, now I know :)

    mrsrexy - thanks :)

  5. The chinese character is pronounced "fu", and means prosperity/luck. We use it a lot during Chinese New Year.

  6. Cheryl - nice, thanks for letting me know :)


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