Monday, July 18, 2011

Get Your Lem-on

When I first saw Color Club's Wicked Sweet collection I was super excited about the yellow polish with the turquoise/green shimmer, Get Your Lem-on. Previous to trying it I had seen reviews of the full collection and heard that it was one of the sheerest in the bunch. I was kind of disappointed at first, but figured I could get the colour to be bright and opaque with a base of white :)

I tried a white polish I got not too long ago, an old formula Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. It did dry super quick but I think I should have added one last coat to even the white out. Get Your Lem-on being was sheer that you could actually see the subtle streaking of the white beneath :(

Three coats later I decided that I had too much polish on my nails and it was time to stop. I sealed everything off with Seche Vite so all the layers would dry fast and went to sleep. In the morning I woke up to a blindingly bright yellow mani! The shimmer wasn't too visible which again I was kind of disappointed about. It wore pretty good for 2 days but then something weird happened. I wore really dark blue jean capris and it actually stained my nail polish! I wish I had taken a picture to show you, there were little crack marks of blue, it almost looked dirty. My sister called it ghetto crackle lol

Anyways, this was of course not the polishes fault, I'm sure it could have happened with any light polish. I ended up doing nail art to camouflage the marks and I will show you that tomorrow.

Over all I love the bight neoness of this polish. Although it isn't that apparent in the photos, I can assure you it is blinding. Next time I wear this I will make sure that the white polish beneath is fully opaque and take my time with it. I almost forgot to mention that this polish is scented also! The scent remindes me of lemon gum drops, it was strong when first applied, but faded significantly over a couple of days. If it wasn't so sheer it would be perfect! That, if the shimmer was still visable.

Stay tuned for a funky mani refresh!


  1. This polish is so pretty and such a royal PITA. lol

  2. lol, it sure is. Next time I decide to wear this polish i may just layer it under another yellow, I hope the brightness is still there!


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