Friday, July 15, 2011

Golden Sands

Happy Friday!! So happy the weekend is almost here. The weather in Toronto this month has been beautiful, perfectly sunny so I cannot wait to lounge around by the pool and enjoy the sun :)

The polish I have for you today is the first and only polish I own so far from OPI's Designer Series collection. I picked this one up on sale for only $5, and it is called DS Classic.

DS Classic is a very pretty caramel, nude colour with prismatic sparkle that reminds me of Color Club's Love 'Em, Leave 'Em. It is not a linear holographic polish, but it does have that holo sparkle we all love :)

I used BM Plate 213 on my ring finger after a couple of days, I actually took these photos after about a week of wear, pretty awesome huh?! I did use a base and topcoat though, I know some people don't do that with holo/prismatic polish, but I have had no issues when I do use a base and top coat.

I decided later in the weekend to take off my slowly disappearing pink and yellow crackle mani on my toes ( on most toes it wore quite well!), and apply classic. I think classic is the perfect name for this polish, it is sophisticated and I feel rich wearing it. It is office appropriate for those who can't wear funky nail art to work and it sparkles beautifully in the sunlight.

As soon as I wore this in the pool, I knew it reminded me of resort beach sands :) Kinda nice to get that relaxation vacation feel, but man, I gotta get away! Hope you enjoy your weekend!


  1. Wow, this is very pretty! It reminds me of Butter London's All Hail the Queen and China Glaze Cyberspace. This looks a bit more holographic though.

  2. oh lucky you! it's such a nice colour
    where in toronto did you pick it up? i can't find any of these special collections for OPI

  3. love this polish <3 and you have beautiful nails! :)

  4. Thanks ladies :)

    Angie - from the photos I have seen they do look alike

    Belle - I picked up this specific polish at Chatters, the one closest to me is in Thornhill. If it's not to far from you I'd suggest checking it out. They have a bin of polish for $5, that's where I found this one :)

    misaya, thanks, you're so sweet :)


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