Thursday, July 14, 2011

Holo Apple

Today I have a quick post for a mani refresh I did with Orly's Green Apple. I decided to use one of my new Bundle Monster plates, plate BM 201. This is the swirly full nail design on the right of the plate. At first glance before stamping it actually looks like a vine of some sort, but on the nail i get this swirly "gust of wind" feeling :) Very Van Gough, Stary, Stary Night. I really want to try stamping this pattern with a dark blue over a light blur now!

Anyways, this is how my actual mani came out, I used China Glaze's High Def to stamp and the design stamped perfectly. Every time I use these plates I am very pleased with the results.

Just in case you didn't know, High Def is from China Glaze's Tronica line and it is a a beautiful, prismatic shade of medium to light cornflower blue.

I really like the little something extra this added to my previous mani, it livened it up without being over the top, it's actually quite subtle. But out in the sunlight it really sparkles :)


  1. This is so pretty! I wonder if the two China Glazes I have from Tronica will work! I got Laser Lime and Gamer Glam. Also. I really love that stamp. I think it's on of my favorites in the new set. You are so right! It is very Van Gogh.

  2. wow that is actually SOOO nice! esp close up :D
    it makes the greenapple look so much nicer lol


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