Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Deviation

Deviation, Translation: the act of deviating

What that has to do with this polish... probably nothing at all but look how pretty!

I thought I would never own this little beauty, EVER! I'm so glad I finally have it. I had been creeping eBay for the last little while, and actually let it get away once. I was waiting to find it for a decent price and it basically ended in a bidding war. I spent under $12 on it, which isn't too bad, I think of it as buying a $OPI polish lol except, like, a million times better!

When I got it in the mail I was squealing with delight and swatched it on my boyfriends pinky, I didn't want to ruin my mani. and ooh and ahhhed for a while... my mom thought I was nuts lol.

As it sat on my desk for the next few days I though maybe it was so exciting to find and own just for the hunt, just because I thought I couldn't have it. I almost didn't even want to wear it right away buy my boyfriend suggested it and now I can't take it off!

This beautiful teal prismatic polish went on perfect with 2 coats. My best suggestion for someone wearing holos for the first time is to work fast or you will get dragging and bald spots. I used a base and top coat, I know others say not to but I wanted this polish to last! It is so much better in person and way hard to capture on camera, hence the many photos.

One of the best reactions I got from this polish was from my aunt. She was over last week and saw the polish and was like oh my God! what a pretty colour! Keep in mind this was in doors. I walked her over to some better lighting and she was blown away! I explained to her that it is discontinued, hard to find polish and that I probably spent more on it than I should. Her response: it was worth it! She also said she would love to wear it on her toes.

Isn't it exciting to have non-polish obsessed people go gaga over polish :)

I wore this polish for almost a full week before the minor chipping started to bug me and I changed it. Super in love with it though, worth every penny. I am looking in to finding some more, hopefully 2NITE and L8R G8R, I snatched up GR8 over the weekend also. The others in the collection I pretty much have close dupes for in my Prisms collection.

Anyone know where I can find the other 2 OMG's for a reasonable price or are looking to trade or sell? Let me know :)


  1. What a gorgeous polish!!! OMG! I love it! That doesn't happen often, but my hearts beats faster when I look at this polish!!! And I know it mission impossible...! ;( )
    Too bad I don't know anyone who'd sell some of these babies for reasonable price...

  2. So preetttyyy I hope to get my hands on this!! I am dying here! haha.

    ps. please check out my blog! thanks

  3. Cristina - don't give up hope! check out eBay every now and then, you may be surprised at what you find. And in a good way to :)

    ABBY - woot! I love finding other Torontonian blogers :) I could have sworn I checked out your blog before, must have forgoten to follow. I have been way behind on keeping up with my blogs lately.

    Sarah - thanks :)


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