Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Under the Sea

Back in full force this week! Today I have a mani refresh from the last one I posted 2 weeks ago, this is OPI's Big Hair, Big Nails with some stamping from plate m76. this is a dupe plate for Konad's m76 that I got from the Born Pretty store. I got the idea for this mani from Youtube from SayAnythingBr00ke, you can check out her tutorial here. I just realized I titled this the same as her video, didn't even realize! I watched this video a while back and just did my own mani from memory.

She was inspired from MAC's packaging from the To the Beach Collection from last year. The packaging had cute illustrations like star fish and coral which is totally summer. She even used the coral polish from that collection for her look. Although inspired by her look, I chose to do things slightly different. I used the same stamping designs, which represent coral, but double stamped to get the mirror image of the design on the nails on my right hand.

My Left Hand

I also used Sally Hansen's Black Pearl (chrome) for the anchor as an accent on my ring fingers, the design was from Bundle Monster plate BM NUMBER. This was my first ever attempt at double stamping where it actually worked, I found that the stamper I received from the Born Pretty store works well for this. It has a slightly textured surface that may adhere to the polish better than the Konad one. I had tried this in the past with 2 Konad stampers and it did not work for me.

My Right hand

I love this look, so summer and corally, I love how the design even has a star in there, it's like a little starfish :) It's an abstract under the sea look. What do you think? Have you ever tried double stamping before?


  1. Cute! What a great idea...and perfect for Summer.

  2. That is so cute! I am loving nautical type things right now!


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