Monday, August 8, 2011

New Polish Stuffs... aka HAUL

I got some polish that I picked up within the last little while to share with you today :) To start off I have 2 polishes from Chatters, my new go to place for sale polish. The one I go to has a little basket with sale polishes that I always rummage through. The last time I was there I picked up these 2 beauties for $5.

OPI's Y'all come Back Now, Ya Hear from the Texas collection. This is a pretty orange jelly.

OPI's Lincolin Park After Dark, Matte. Erica over at Chloe's Nails got me lusting over this matte polish. In the bottle it looks like a deep, dark purple, but on the nail it might as well be black. I tested this one out and it is a one coater! Very interesting basic polish.

Another OPI from a random salon/spa, Extra Va-vaganza. I had been wanting this one all winter on and off. I finally saw it on sale for $5.95 and couldn't resist. It remindes me of halloween :) I also got an OPI ridge filler for the same price, I love it so much I bought a back up. This is what I used under OPI's Big Hair, Big Nails.

Even earlier I got myself from NYC polish from another store I frequent, nothing amazing some nice cheap, basic colours:

West Village - a deep blue with purple shimmer. I heard this one is good for mixing with the pink holo nail prism to make a deep blue holo, must try :)

Canal Street - A coppyery brown shimmer.

Manhattan - a red based plum cream

I also picked up a polish I told you about back in June, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, Spotlight. I PROMISE I will get the Nail Prisms, along with this beauty sorted out sooner than later. I don't know why I keep putting it off! I have large amounts of polish just sitting in a bag beside my desk, I NEED to get rid of it and when I get shipping and pricing sorted out, you will be the first to know.

Showtime is a silver holographic polish, and I have seen nothing like it recently from Sally Hansen. It's a true beauty that my camera cannot capture very well unfortunately. Photos will come soon though, I will have a bunch that I will be selling .... and a stash I am keeping for myself for frankening ;)

And last, but certainly not least a lemming I thought would NEVER be fulfilled...


I don't even need to give a description, you all know what it is. I got this brand new bottle on eBay for more than I would have normally spent, but this was a special occasion. It was only around $12 with shipping included, which isn't too bad, could have been A LOT worse. I opened it up the other day and was squealing with excitement. My boyfriend let me swatch it on his pinky, didn't wanna ruin my mani, and it was just perfect, everything I wanted it to be :) I have my sights set on getting some others from the OMG collection, 2NITE and L8R G8R, so I have been keeping an eye out for a decent price.

So that is my summer hauling and I have WAY more coming my way, I just made a large purchase online for some NYX girls and Kleancolors, plus I have a silver shatter that should be in my possesion soon. I'm back to mani photos tomorow :)


  1. oooooh i really want to know about your prisms.
    if you have turquoise opal i would LOVE to have it!!
    and i have a friend who is super into their duochromes. i'll have to let her know about you!

  2. The Sally Hansen one looks really pretty. I'll have to see if any stores around here carry it. I have been wanting to try out a silver holo polish.

    And I love OPI's Texas Collection jellies...I only have 2 right now, but am in the process of getting them all! The orange looks great for fall.

  3. Nice haul! I love finding OPI's on sale!

  4. DV8 for $12?! I am SO jealous. *sigh* That is the ONE polish I've wanted from day one. got some good polishes. I might have to pick up that OPI jelly - I only have one from that collection and I adore it.

  5. rebbeca - i have been putting off getting them up on my blog for sale for WAY too long. I will try to sort something out this week or early next week. I only have 1 turquoise opal with a broken brush, it is my backup, not sure if I want to see it, but we'll see what happens

    Sarah - I don't know when this polish came out but I have not seen it anywhere! I even tried looking for swatches online and could only find 1! I will be selling them soon :)

    Angie - thanks, me too, I love a good sale :)

    Megan - same here! it was the only one in the set that if I had I would be happy. I just got GR8 too for $8.50 on eBay, sometimes it's not so evil ;)


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