Monday, October 3, 2011

Autumn In a Bottle - Nail Prisms

Happy October :)

As stated in previous posts, I'd like to make all my October posts Halloween and Fall inspired 100%. I have so many new Halloween themed polishes and nail art ideas that I cant wait to try out this year! Since Halloween is still a while away, nothin' too crazy today, just a gorgeous fall multi-chrome :)

I really love Sally Hansen's Nail Prism in Amber Ruby more than I thought. In the bottle it is 100% awesome, but didn't know how well it would translate on the nail. The base looks like a deep red/burgundy,usually I'm not too crazy about red shades.


But wow, this is just... wow. From what I can see on the nail, there is burgundy, orange, copper, bronze, yellow/gold, green and the slightest bit of a grayed out blue. These nails are pure autumn in the form of  changing leaves.

I layered 1 coat over a previous mani of China Glaze's Midtown Magic, I have to save this goodness up! I'm glad 1 coat gave me even coverage, I finished it off with 1 coat of Seche Vite. Not only did it provide brilliant gloss, but dried this polish in to time. I always have issues with my Prisms drying, this is the first time I didn't get sheet marks. I currently have 1 bottle of this on hold for someone from the stash I was selling, but I may just keep it as a backup for myself if the deal falls through :)

The trees here are starting to shed a few leaves now, are they in your area?


  1. Very pretty, I wouldn't mind wearing this to celebrate fall :) Have tried a few fall shades latetly but didn't fall in love, so I'm back to summer shades haha

  2. oh that is just gorgeous! it look great on you Danielle :)

  3. It is so hard to capture the beauty of this polish. Your pics are good but this polish is so gorgeous IRL. Soooo pretty!! I was lucky to find this at Dollar Tree about a year ago.

  4. Halifax - lol I fell right in to the fall colours, but at first it felt weird, too used to bright colours.

    mrsrexy, Angie, ABBY - thanks ladies :)

    Megan - I totally agree, my photos do not do this beasuty justice! So hard to capture. I didn't want to take it off


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