Friday, October 7, 2011

Webby Nails

Happy Friday! Today I have a fun, funky French to share :) This was done pretty easily, but I had some issues since I was in a rush.

love the effect of the nails that are out of focus, the design looks even more authentic ;)

I used one coat of OPI's Bubble Bath, my favorite French mani base. Once I was suer it was dry I applied some Nailene French tip sticker guides. Next I applied 1 coat of Lincolin Park After Dark Matte. Now, the reason for using a matte polish was because in a hurry, but I think the polish actually dried a little too fast! When I went to remove the stickers, the polish was pretty set on it so I did not get a clean free edge :( Any tips you have for me would be greatly appreciated :)

I did only plan on just having black French tips, but wanted to distract from the uneven edges, so I stamped a spiderweb design over it from Bundle Monsers first set of plates. This was from plate BM13. I love this spider web :) And I really like the over all look even with a couple of not so perfect nails.


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