Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas... Sooooo... Close!!

Late post today, yesterday was a weird day and it bled it to today. Long story short, for the last week and a bit I have been mildly sick. On Monday I felt better, but whatever it was came back pissed by Thursday! I decided to see my doctor and leave earlier than planned from work. So glad I did, as soon as I got home I passed out and have felt achy, phlegmy and super sick ever since. So yesterday was a long day, not to mention waking up every couple hours coughing last night. I do feel a little better now, not so achy. So here is Holly-Day from China Glaze's Let It Snow Collection.

What you're seeing in these photos is one coat, no top coat, freshly painted! The formula was great, but be warned not to use too thick of a coat or you will get bubbling. This is such a great green cream, I don't own anything like it.

This is a great colour for the holiday season, although I will be changing it soon for Christmas. I celebrate on Christmas eve and day :) How do you celebrate?

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  1. That color is gorgeous! Green is not my style but still so nice.


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