Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Belated Christmas Mani

I can't believe how far behind I got on posting this, but here it is my Christmas Mani. I started of with a couple of coats of a Joe Fresh polish which I was very unimpressed with, Dupioni. I got this in last years holiday pack, and it was probably the one I was most excied about. I used the sponging technique to even it out, but ultimately decided to layer one very thin coat of holo goodness over top:

That is still the mystery holo polish I posed about before, I already have the post written up for this polish, you can expect to see that up early next week while I catch up on the rest of my holiday manis this week.

Back to my Christmas mani, I then topped everything off with 1 good coat of China Glaze's Party Hearty and Seche Vite to dry all the layers as fast as possible.

You can't see the holo too much in these photos, but it was there. It actually appears very pretty during mass on Christmas Eve, the lighting was perfect.

I wore this for a while after Christmas, I really enjoyed wearing it :)


  1. Gorgeous glitter and holo goodness :-) x

  2. This is pretty and I can just imagine how it catches the light! I wish I had been able to do more festive manis this Christmas but the hands were wrecked from the weather and stress!
    I've been gone awhile, but Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you!

  3. Nicole - Thanks :) everyone love a good holo!

    JQ - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too :) I had been AWOL for a while too. The funny thing is I had so much extra time with the holidays and time off work, I thought I'd be catching up on my blog like a champ! I ended up slacking big time! I think I'm all caught up now though, have all the posts I missed up on drafted and pretty much ready to publish for the next week :)

  4. Your mani looks great, very festive. One of my huge regrets is not purchasing Perty Hearty when I saw it back in November, it is just the perfect Christmas glitter!


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