Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 2012!

Wowzers! the end of 2011 just flew by so fast. I had from Dec 22nd off work and have been sick for half of the time since then, plus I got used to the laziness of being home all the time lol. I have a bunch of posts that I am scrambling to catch up on. Today I have my sparkly New Years Eve mani, I purchased Looks Like Rain, Dear specifically for new years from Sephora right after Christmas, with my gift cards of course ;).

I had swatched this polish in 2010 when it was first released in what I thought was a limited edition Christmas collection. My Sephora has recently expanded their polish selection, so I'm not sure if you'd find this in your specific store. Anyways, I had swatched it then, thought it was pretty but didn't pick it up. I was super excited to see if back in stores around Christmas this year, and snatched it up right before new years.

I would describe it as a light gold base with gold, silver and medium holo glitter pieces. The base was actually opaque so that was nice, only 2 coats were needed. In case your wondering, my thumb is covering my middle finger due to a break. I got frustrated and picked the nail polish off January 1st lol. I included lots of pictures to show the glitter off the best as I can. All of the above photos were with my lamp light, while the one below is with my camera flash.

Overall, it is a nice blingy colour, great for the holidays or any other special event. Have you seen this back in your Sephora store? Has your polish section expanded also?

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