Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dopplegangers - Featuring Orly Lucky Duck

Another comparison post featuring Orly and OPI again. Lucky Duck and Jade is the new Black are medium green polishes with a grey, dustiness to them. I didn't even think to compare them originally but I had read on other blogs they were similar and wanted to see for myself. In the bottle they look different, but my OPI has had this weird yellowish haze to it since I purchased it. The polish if fine, just appears weird in the bottle.

If you compaire the tops of the bottle they look similar. Below are both polishes at one coat, left to right Orly and OPI. This shade of green is slightly more blue based and has a dusty quality to it. In this first coat Orly appears to be slightly more yellow, interesting.

Two coats...

This is where I stopped, both polished reached full opacity at 2 coats which is great, that is usually the norm for me. Here the swatches are again in natural sunlight. The colour shown in these photos outside really show the true shade.

 Different angle...

Although I hate to admit it, I must say that these are 99.99% dupes. It's pretty clear to see, in the photos and in person.

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