Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Going to the Mascarade

There is this random mostly Revlon shop I've found that sells similar products that they have for their warehouse sales every now and then with similar if not the same products for sale. Lately I have found that they are getting the latest Revlon polish collections and I was super excited to find Royal Cloak! I applied it the very next day!

I don't even think I ever saw the Mascaraed collection in Canada, I remember seeing it a while back in the States, but nothing much here. I have never purchasd a Revlon polish in store because I know that I can get it for much cheaper else where, otherwise I probably would have purchased Royal Cloak when I had seen it then.

This trip to the Revlon shop I was actually hunting down Whimsical and Starry Pink, but not so much luck. And I searched every rack too! This was the last bottle in the store of Royal Cloak! I had though that Zoya's Neeka was a dupe for this so I hesitated, but for $2, I figired why not. Soooo glad I took a chance this time! They are not even close. You can see my swatches here of Neeka to compare.

As you can see Royal Cloak has a medium toned purple base with white glass flecks and shimmer. The formula was awesome! I really think that Revlon is upping the quality on their polish lately, most of the other polishes (1-2 years ago) I own from them have bad formulas, they're runny, take forever to dry. Lately this is not the case, I would actually compare the formula for Zoya's Neeka. It was the perfect thickness.

This polish changes with the lighting. Sometimes I find it more dusty and greyed out, while other times I find it brighter. The shimmer and glass flecks look different also. In low light and overcast skies the glass flecks are more visible, but sparse. The sun and direct lighting really bring out the shimmer in the polish, it almost appears gold.

I could have gotten away with 1 thick coat, but  I opted for two thinner ones. I can't comment on dry time because I fished this off with Seche Vite, but I did get a couple of dings on my right had within an hour of application. Nothin extreme, guess I have to be more careful.

I love purple with my skin tone so I'm super happy with this polish. The formula makes me want to try more Revlon's.

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  1. Makes me think of grape Koolaide! <3


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