Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hauling... Again. This edition, Hard to Find OPI Black Labels

Alrighty, I am faaar behind in posting my hauls. I hauled a lot right around October but didn't want to post in the middle of my Halloween themed month. From there they just got pushed way too far back, this was one of those posts. In the mean time I have a pretty amazing haul for you. Imagine my surprise when I came across some beautiful, black label hard to find, HOLO OPI's!

I had never been to this salon before but something told me to take a look at the racks upon racks they have of OPIs. To my surprise I found many hard to find black labeled discontinued polishes. I should have gone digging for more! After I got home I realized some other ones I should have looked for. Unfortunately I was in the U.S when I found this place, so I will have to wait a while to go there again :(

On to my finds! I'll start off with the "regular" polishes first I picked up; Skull and Glossbones, Sparow Me The Drama and Teenage Dream. I know, nothing new, but still pretty right?

Next I got Midnight Blue Glitter and My Private Jet. Now I actually went searching for the holo one, this was the only one I could find that looked different from the others on the rack It's slightly better than the one I already own, I will do a comparison soon. This photo of Midnight Blue Glitter does not do it justice. I would describe it as a deep charcoal with a slight blue/purple duochrome, and that's just the base colour! It is also packed with small flecks of black and silver along with what appears at first glance to be blue hex glitter, this has a multichrome effect that shifts from blue to purple and green! This was very unexpected. At first glance it just looked like a charcoal glitter to me with blue hex glitter added.

Next, my DS pretties! I almost got none of these, I'm so glad I did! You already saw the gorgeous DS Fantasy, also pictured is DS Diamond and DS Ruby. I'm not feeling DS Ruby, go figure, it has the strongest linear holo out of the three. DS Diamond is very pretty, reminds me of Color Clubs Fashion Addict. I may be looking to sell or swap DS Ruby, let me know if your interested.

Here are some closeups:

Next I got me some super holo! Standing Room Only (Silver), I picked up the last two they had and at the time I thought I was crazy for doing so, but now, omg, I wish they had more! I have been layering this over anything, it is so awesome. This is exactly what it looks like, a silver linear holographic/prismatic rainbow of colours. It's thin enough for layering over any polish to make it look holographic, yet perfectly buildable on it's own. These pictures don't do it justice, the holo is so awesome in person.

More holos? Sure! I also found these beautiful hard to finds, Blue Moon Lagoon and What's Dune? At this point in my shopping trip I was freaking out a little, holo overload! Blue Moon Lagoon is a gorgeous baby blue with slight teal undertones. It is also another linear holo. What's Dune? has a pearly white base with a mother of pearl multichrome to it (blue, green, purple) plus a subtle linerar holo effect.

Although my camera didn't capture these as well as they look in person, I have still included some close ups of each below.

 That concludes my first ever "dusty" score. While I was in the U.S I also found some discounted polishes at Big Lots for 50 cents. A bronze foil and an iridescent glitter in a clear base.

And one last purchase I made at my local Sally's, Orly's Rock Solid ( in the reduced section!) and Androgyny.

Some close ups:

And that concludes my hauling as of late! I appreciate if you got this far down and read everything! Hope you enjoyed it! I promise to have regular polish posts coming up. Hopefully not too many haul posts for a while... until my next trip to the States in February ;)


  1. Midnight Blue Glitter...drool!! Wow. That's gorgeous. I want to like Androgyn, but I just...don't. And I don't know why. Great haul!

  2. Wow great haul! Those are some amazing holos!

  3. oh my! you are so luky to have found all those holos!! I would give my left arm!

  4. I cannot wait to see all of these swatched! They're all so cute

  5. Thanks girls :) I'm on polish overload right now. hardly know where to start on wearing them.


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