Monday, January 9, 2012

Holiday Hauling

Today's haulng was spread out from before Christmas up until January 2nd. I'll just get right in to it, the first polish I picked up was before Christmas and was glad to find it half off :) I finally found Pumpkin Spice, super glad to have it!

The next couple of polishes I picked up for an amazing price through a group buying site, at the moment I can't remember the exact one I used. The promo was basically 5 polishes for $15, best deal for American Apparel I have found. I love their formula, so I was super excited to find this deal.

From left to right I have Army Jacket, Mount Royal, Coney Island, Mannequin and one of the new glitters, Meteor Shower.

Just after Christmas I went to the mall and found Zoya's Neeka on sale at Trade Secrets for about half off which I was really excited about. It's this gorgeous greyed out purple with these tiny gold flecks, sooo my kind of colour :)

Later that day I passed by Sephora and picked up some polishes with some gift cards I got for Christmas. You've already seen Looks Like Rain, Dear, but I also picked up Sugar Plum Faries Gone Wild. That was an impulse buy while I was in line to pay. It looks cool, but I didn't get a chance to swatch it in store so I'm still on the fence about keeping it, that's why it's still sealed.

I got a good amount of money in giftcards for Sally's so this is what I picked up just after new years. I got some good deals there too! I picked up some holiday colours and one I had been lusting over for a while. Plus they had  a buy 3 Orly get $5 off. Left to right I picked up Au Champaign, Bailamos and Le Chateau.

Sally's also had another promo going on, buy Seche Vite, get a China Glaze Free, so I picked up White Cap. Pretty good deal, they came out to around $4.50 each with the discount!

Lastly at Sally's I picked up some of the new flakies from Finger Paints, from left for right I have Twisted, Flecked and Asylum.

The last polish related purchase I made was at Wal Mart, all of their holiday gifts/gift sets were half off, so I picked up these two mini polishes. They both came with rings, I just happened to be wearing one at the time ;) It's weird that in Canada the polish is the only beauty product we don't get in the Hard Candy display. This polish reminded me of Lava, I picked up 2 since they were minis and 50 cents each. I couldn't find the actual names for these ones.

That's all for now, I'll have another haul post coming up tomorrow. I've had that post ready for a while, can't wait to share it with you, it includes my OPI holos!


  1. We picked up quite a few similar shades (the flakies, Hard Candy, White Cap, etc.). I still have to stop by AA to get my 5 bottles, I believe the deal is $15, right?

  2. $15 for 5 bottles? I paid $25, but if you paid $15 please let me know where! that is a great deal!

  3. YAY FLAKIES!!! I picked up a green Hard Candy and OMGOSH it stunk. Blech. That turquoise Orly is so pretty!!! Though, it reminds me of the Finger Paints that was released around the holidays. LOL

  4. such a great haul and an awesome deal. :)

  5. Sorry the deal is a while ago already, with TeamBuy

  6. Megan - the Hard Candy gift sets I picked up last year stunk real bad. but this one wasn't too bad

    Esra, KarenD -Thanks, I love my deals

    Halifax - I'm so dumb sometimes, I actually did pay $15, I don't know why I had $25 in my head! I am signed up with team buy and when you sent the link I checked my account and low and behold, it was listed as $15.


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