Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sky High

WOW! this polish is so much more amazing than I ever thought possible. I almost didn't purchase Skyscraper from China Glaze's Fall collection because I thought it would be too similar to Dorothy Who? In the photos it looks a little more blue than it actually is. In reality it leans a little purple.

It's so sparkly and pretty I just did not want to take this one off. I usually dread wearing glitters due to the removal process, but lately I have been reaching for them more and more. Maybe it was the whole holiday season, I wore so many sequinned outfits the past month lol.

I would describe this polish as an indigo jelly base packed with silver glitter. Sometime the glitter appears to be shades of blue due to the jelly. I'm pretty sure I only applied 2 coats, so although this is a jelly polish, it builds up nicely and adds so much depth.

I like to think of this as the blue version of a polish that made it in to China Glaze's 2010's holiday collection, Mistletoe Kisses. I actually think the Skyscraper could have easily been apart of 2011's holiday collection. I still have yet to wear Mistletoe Kisses, but after wearing this, I'm hoping that I get to it soon. Here's a side by side comparison.


  1. I was surprised at how much I love this polish too! I couldn't quite put my finger on what I loved so much about it.

  2. Angie- it is so awesome! I hope Mistletoe Kisses is just as good


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