Friday, January 6, 2012

Polish Gifts For Christmas

Happy Friday!! Don't you love short weeks :)

I actually got polish this year for Christmas!! I'll get right in to it, this post is already late enough!

My boyfriend and sister both got me this Birds of a Feather kit, I ended up exchanging one in return for some other polishes. This kit includes Peacock, Lucky Duck and Foul Play. I already own Merry Midnight, but just love it so much!! Expect a comparison soon. It came with a cute purple wristlet with real birds feathers on it :)

Next I got this cute mini Witchcraft crackle polish kit from my aunt as a stocking stuffer. The only colour I already have is white, but the other 3 actually crackle very well and look really nice. They were not named unfortunately. My sister got the same kit, but it came with different colours, I think it was black, red, silver and pink.

While in the States Last month, I helped "Santa" pick up some stocking stuffers at Ulta when they had their 10 for $10 promo going on, from Left to right I got Envy, Concrete Catwalk, and Smoke Screen.

And Lastly as part of a Secret Santa gift I got some Insta-Dris, Lightning, Lively Lilac, Brisk Blue and Whirlwind White. All great for Stamping :)

Did you get any polish for Christmas this year?


  1. I got four polish sets for Christmas this year, as well as the new Red Angel nail stamping plates. I got Color Club's Foiled, Back to Boho, and Beyond the Mistletoe polishes, and a set of glitter topcoats by some no-name company. Despite all those bottles, I can't believe I missed that Ulta 10 for $10 sale! =)

  2. awesome haul! :) I'm gonna show my goodies tonight :)

  3. Tonya Kaushik - nice!! lucky you getting the Red Angel plates, I want them so bad. 'm waiting untill the spring to ship them for a family's address in the U.S, i'm not paying for $15 just to ship to Canada! I have both boho sets and love them :) the 10 for $10 sale was the weekend of Black Friday, they ddn't have a huge polish selection, but they had lotions and other makeup items that were included.

    Esra - nice, I'll be sure to check that out, I love seeing other peoples hauls :)

  4. I got the Orly set for my friend but haven't given it to her yet. I really like almost all the colors you have! I haven't finished opening all my gifts, so I may still have some polishes in the mix!

  5. I haven't bought a lot of nail polish lately, but my husband got me the "Sephora by OPI Glimmer Wonderland 18 piece mini nail colour set". Wasn't that cute? I loved it... not only the polishes, but also his idea ;-) Take care and keep writing. Patricia

  6. Nice, I love when guys get the perfect gifts all on their own :)


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