Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mannequin Hands?

Today I have a polish I purchased from American Apparel, Mannequin. I'm pretty sure it's apart of the latest shades released, although I'm not sure when exactly it was released.

I would describe this shade as a nude cream with yellow undertones. The yellow undertone is was made me need this polish. Most nudes look pink on me and I thought this one would mesh better with my skin colour.

Overall application sucked for an AA polish. Every other one I own applies like butter, usually in one coat and is greatly pigmented. Mannequin applied very streaky and thick the first coat, I thought I got a bad bottle or something. Sure enough after searching around other blogs, they had the same to say.

That being said, with a little bit of thinner two coats worked fine for me. Seche Vite also helped to smooth everything out and add a glossy finish.

Overall I really liked this polish on my nails and think it would even work well in the summer time when I have a bit of a tan. It would be the perfect light peach for my skin tone.


  1. Bad application sucks! But I really like the color.

  2. Ami - it was really weird, I wonder why this polish had weird application and wear, I have had no issues whatsoever with any of the other polishes I've owned from AA. I'm wearing one right now and with only 1 coat of polish is is wearing fantastic.

  3. Hmm maybe its a new or super old batch? I can't imagine why you would get one random bad one. But you know how nudes tend to be tricky too.


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