Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ask Cosmetics - Part 2 Polish Swatches

Continuing from where I left off in yesterdays post, what happens when polish is applied directly after the polish remover was used...

I am glad to report that there was no bubbling of any kind! I personally would at least do a quick rinse with water before applying polish, but if you don't mind, it is fine.

Today I will be reviewing Oh So Aubergine (above) along with these others from ASK Cosmetics in the photo below, Left to right Oh So Aubergine, Classic Peacock, Rich Sapphire and Romantic Sunset.

ASK Cosmetics claims their polish is:
1.      Salon strength formula
2.      Long-lasting 
3.      Offers a chip-resistant protective barrier
4.      High shine
5.      Free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde as well as camphor
6.      Pregnancy safe
7.      Vegan friendly (no animal testing done)

Lets start off the review. On my pointer finger, Romantic Sunset as a soft, delicate pink with white/silver micro shimmer which is very subtle (the shimmer doesn't photograph very well). Only 1 to 2 coats is needed for opacity depending on how thin or thick each layer is. I found the formula to be thin but opaque and self levelling. When tested with one coat, it dried pretty quickly.

Next polish is Classic Peacock on my middle finger which I found to be a great dupe for American Apparel's Peacock, both in colour and formula. The formula and pigment on this one was probably my favourite, it applied manageably thick and smooth. I would describe this colour as a greyed out blue with some green undertones. What you see in the photo is one coat! Dry time on this one was probably the quickest out of the 4 polishes.

Up next is Rich Sapphire on my ring finger. This deep shade of blue kind of has a jelly finish but not completely, it is kind of milky. It is very pigmented and self levelling, 2 coats were needed for full opacity. This is in the top two for my favourite out of the 4.

And last but not least, what you saw as a full mani at the top of the post Oh So Aubergine. I am a purple lover, they usually go well with my skin tone and this one does not disappoint shade wise. The formula however was super thick, even after giving the bottle a good shake. The good thing about thick polishes is that you can always thin them out if needed, so this wasn't a huge issue. The formula is very well pigmented and despite being super thick it did not bubble at all, shown on my pinky is only 1 coat. I did notice that it took longer to dry, this may have been due to the thickness. I'm sure if I thinned it out it would have helped.

Overall the colour and pigmentation of these polishes is great and the finishes are nice and glossy without a top coat. The formula is all over the place, but I guess no one company has the same formula for all of their polishes. These are also the first batch of polishes ASK has created with a new supplier and I prefer these colours to the previous ones they had available on their site. I was impressed over all with the the quality and wear. These polishes really stuck on (especially with the base coat to be discussed further tomorrow). I found they were easier to remove with the ASK Revival remover when compared to my regular remover. The brushes are pretty standard, I would compare them to Color Club, the handle is similar size and thickness.

If I had to find a flaw I would say that although the colours are nice they are nothing new. I'd like to see ASK try more colours and finishes in their next collection of polishes that are more outside the box.

What do you think of ASK Cosmetics polishes, anything you like?

*This product was sent to me for an honest review, all views expressed are my own honest option.


  1. I have been using their cuticle oil for a while now. I am glad to learn their nail polish is good to work with.

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