Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Doppelgängers! Featuring NYX Glided Gold

Today's installment of Dopplegangers features some gold glitters. They are not your regular glitter, more like irregular flecks of gold pieces.

I will be comparing NYX Girl's Glided Gold and American Apparel's Meteor Shower.

Here are some close ups of the bottles, first NYX

And American Apparel

As you can see in the bottle shots above, these two are not identical, NYX has smaller, softer fleck of gold while American Apparel has larger chunks.

Below is each polish at one coat, left to right, Glided Gold and Meteor Shower.

At first coat you can see that GG has a bit of a goldish base, where MS's base is clear.

Two coats below is where I stop, for the second coat I had more polish on the brush and blobbed it on a little more to get the glitter pieces to adhere better. As you can see, GG builds up nicely in two coats, although I initially thought to use these as top coats over other polishes.

So, these are obviously not dupes, so why did I post about it? GG was one of those polishes I really really wanted, but thought it was to similar to MS which I already owned. I almost didn't get it, but I did, obviously lol. I'm glad I took the chance, but other times I'm not so lucky... as my past posts have shown you! I am glad to own both, and wanted o show you my findings so you know how they compare.

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