Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sea Spray

Today I have a polish I've worn and posted before, probably around this time last year. Sea Spray came out last year apart of China Glazes spring collection. It was an awesome collection by the way, I find myself wanting to buy more and more from that collection as time goes by!

When compared to my previous post from last year, I prefer this polish on my longer curved shaped nails. It also applied a lot better the second time around.

This greyed out baby blue reminds me of the weather lately, grey and cold! in certain lights is appears more blue or grey. Although is has a white shimmer running throughout in the bottle, once on the nail it is pretty much lost. It does peak out in certain lighting.

I applied 2 coats and one top coat, I love these pastel, greyed out neutrals especially this time of the year.

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  1. I love Sea Spray and I am wearing it, right now. :D The Anchors Away collection is fantastic, isn't it? I own quite a few of that collection and I really like all of them.


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