Monday, February 13, 2012

White Jelly!

Today I have a great white jelly to share with you. I picked this polish up recently, but I think it is an oldie. China Glaze's Moonlight is a soft white jelly that can be built up quite nicely depending on how you'd like to wear it.

Shown in my photos was three coats. It applied easily, the formula was thin and manageable.After three coats my nail line is only slightly visible, but I like the effect. I also got some streaking that is more visible in te flash photo below.

I'm really glad I got this one, I was always on the look out for Essie's Marshmallow or OPI's Funny Bunny which are also white jellies. I wonder how they compare to Moonlight.

Do you like white nails?


  1. I do like white nails. And I love jelly and now I think I need this polish.

    *lemming monster*

  2. I don't really care for white nails...BUT...I don't have a white may *just* like them. I might have to keep my eyes open for a white jelly polish now. Thanks. LOL

  3. I was going to get Essie Marshmallow,but I don't want Essie.I googled,and found this.Yes,a China Glaze white jelly.

    1. I wonder how Essie compares to China glaze, and how they both compare for OPI (Funny Bunny).

  4. I love white jellies <3 white nails make your nails look so clean and healthy :)

  5. Looks great; thanks for sharing! I am definitely wanting to try Moonlight now.


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