Tuesday, March 20, 2012


*sigh* I feel like I have been so behind on posting. So much is going on lately I feel like I hardly have time for anything anymore, it's always go, go, go! I actually compose most of my posts now on my iphone with the blogger app on the bus ride home from work!

So speaking of many of my posts being late, I have my late festive St. Patrick's day mani. This was also my first ever tape mani :)

I took some tape and placed it diagonally across the nail making sure there were no bubbles. I then swiped a layer of China Glazes Mistletoe Kisses over the nail with slight overlap on the tape. I waited about a minute, added another coat then carefully peeled the tape off. A lot easier than I thought!

I did this to all the nails then used Bundle Monster plate BM03 to stamp some four leaf clovers on my ring fingers and thumbs. The polish I used for stamping was China Glaze's Re-fresh Mint

Pretty festive and fun, even if only for a day. I can see myself trying different tape manis in the future, so easy and fun!


  1. Ooops didnt mean to delete just to add more! >_<;;;;

    Im amazed your can still crunch out a blog on a phone! And for your first tape mani its amazing! :D

    And I originally was saying how much I like this design. Cute and simple yet very festive!


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