Friday, March 16, 2012

Luck of the Irish

Today I'm sporting a festive green in honor of St. Patrick's day on Saturday. I took a good look through all my greens and decided this was the shade I wanted to wear, the name of the polish wasn't even a factor at the time. This is Orly's Lucky Duck, how fitting!

If you recall I did a Dopplegangers post on this polish here, however now that I am actually wearing it on my nails, I feel like it's the tiny bit lighter than Jade's The New Black. Maybe it's a skintone thing, the last time I wore Jade is the New Black was mid August and I was sporting a tan.

I applied two coats to each nail, the formula was nice and smooth. I love the size of Orly's polishes, but I'm hoping they do something to improve on their brush sometime soon. It's not horrible, but I would prefer something a bit wider. OPI's pro wide is my favorite at the moment.

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