Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Magnetic Polish Review + 10% off! was kind enough to send me some goodies for review. I chose a navy magnetic polish and the three pack of magnetic design strips. The polish colour is named Blue and is a deep, dark blue. surprise right? It remindes me of denim :)

I love how the magnets came. First of all, this is sold as a set of 3, starburst, striped vertical and striped diagonal. They are all held together on this plastic frame which makes it easier to use the magnets.

The formula was thick but quite manageable and the brush was a decent enough size and shape for application. From what I've read you should move fast in your application of the magnetic polish and apply the magnet directly over the nail without touching. The plastic frame makes it easier to hover over the nail as quickly as possible.

The stand that the magnets are packages with also serves as a holder which suspends the magnet directly above the nail, pretty neat!

I find that timing varies to get the desired magnetic pattern. Sometimes I didn't wait long enough and there was little or no effect on the nail, or I kept the magnet on the nail for too long and I just got what looked to be a blob of black :(

Here is my first attempt with each magnetic pattern.




The diagonal stripes gave me the best design and the magnet was only of the polish for a couple if seconds.

Removal of the polish was a little harder than I expected, It has a weird kind of texture but I guess that has to do with the magnetic particles or something and although I was wearing a base coat it stained my nails a bit during removal :( Another weird thing about the polish, refer to the bottle photo below:

The bottle reads 15mL ... I wish now I had taken a comparison photo between this bottle and lets say a China Glaze or Seche Vite bottle. Seche Vite is labeled as 14mL and still looks to be double the amount of this bottle. That was actually my first thought when I opened the package, wow, this polish is small!

Back on topic now...It's hard to know whether the polish or the magnet are at fault, I would bet the magnets or me not working fast enough, since I did get the diagonal pattern to work pretty good.

Tips for magnetic polish:

- apply the first coat normally to all nails

- apply the second coat individually to each nail while applying the magnet for effect inbetween

- make sure the second coat is thick

- hold the magnet above the nail for 10 seconds, slowly raise the magnet and check the pattern and gauge if more time is needed

What do you think about magnetic polish? Did you have trouble your first time too? was also generous enough to share a promo code for you guys!

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This code is good untill January 31 2013!

*This product was sent to me for an honest review, all views expressed are my own honest option.

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  1. Wow! I love how this set up works! It's so awesome that it just holds it there for you!


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