Thursday, April 19, 2012

Doppelgängers! Featuring Color Club and Wet n' Wild

Today I have a green foil comparison between Color Club's Kiss Me Mistletoe and Wet n' Wild  Jungle Fever. After wearing and sharing  Jungle Fever  with you on Monday I was reminded of a Color Club I picked up not too long ago, so here we go let's see how close they are!

Here are come close ups of the bottles, first Jungle Fever.

And Kiss Me Mistletoe.

 The above photo are both polishes at full opacity, left to right Jungle Fever and Kiss Me Mistletoe.



Kiss Me Mistletoe only needed one coat! The formula was thick and easy to work with. My bottle did need a good shake though.Jungle Fever needed two thin coats.

As you can tell they are not dupes, but pretty close, Jungle Fever is warmer with tones of yellow where Kiss Me Mistletoe is a lot cooler.

Some other differences between the two are:
- Kiss Me Mistletoe is scented!
- Jungle Fver is quick dry

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