Friday, July 13, 2012

Haulin' Part 2

Happy Friday!!!

Woots! My Zoya package came :) I picked out some polishes a little while back when they had the buy three for $15 + free shipping! The three polishes had to be from the summer collection, but still an awesome deal! I took advantage of the free shipping and added another polish to my order as well.

So here is what I got, left to right:

Zuza and Myrta

Tracie and Rica

The first three are from this years summer collection and the last one is from last years summer collection. It's supposed to be a close dupe for the Wet n' Wild Waves of Enchantment so I had to get it! It was a tough decision though, I almost picked up Apple.

That is all for now, have a good weekend :)


  1. Is Zoya shipping to Canada now? I had no idea. I love Tracie but then I'm a sucker for greens :)

    1. Actually no, unfortunately they still do not ship to Canada :( I have family in the States, I sent it to their address. I hope I love Tracie as much in the bottle as I do on the nail. It reminds me of avocados!

  2. I never get email notice from Zoya on their new 'deals' that others hear about. If I don't get it in email, I miss out as I don't see Zoya on FB - no time for me with regard to tons of social media. I envy all who do catch these great deals Zoya has now and again on smaller quantity free ship orders. It's hard to bite off $50 of $60 always in polish to get free shipping for me...esp with a huge collection - I don't always want that many shades. You got some good ones here. Zoya's summer 2011 has some of my all time fav summer shades - esp in their collection you got Rica from. My fav in that collection is Kimmy - it's one I just cannot get enough of. Tanzy with Rica together gives you the most amazing fall leaves a turnin' color. I stumbled on that one last summer.

    1. I agree, sometimes I miss them myself because they go to my junk box and I am to late to take part in their promos. Kimmy is pretty and I love reds but I just never find myself wanting to wear them. Tanzy looks awesome too, I think I have a similar colour from Nicole by OPI, Freshly Squeezed if i'm not mistaken.


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