Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Revlon Super Shine Buffer Review

I week ago I received a fairly new product for review from, the Revlon Super Shine buffer.

What is it?
Put quite simply a buffer with a slightly rough side and a vinyl-ish smooth side.

What do you get?
Essentially you receive two small fun shaped buffers in one pack, I'm not sure if shape varies but I got a heart and a flower. The back of the packaging includes more information and instructions for use.

What the product claims:


How it works:
Use the rough side to gently buff the nail bed to remove any ridges and imperfections, then buff with the smoother side to shine the nail.

filed down with the rough side.

Usage and results:
The first time I attempted to use this was on my toe nails and i found the shape of the buffer was a bit awkward to work with. On my fingernails however the petals of the flower seemed to be the perfect shape for my nail bed. I still get that the buffer could have been more of a longer shape to be easier to grip in my hand. Here are my nails buffed.

freshly buffed nails

You get a good buff with this which surprised me because the grit is so fine, I don't feel like I'm damaging my nails.

Next I used the patterned side of the buffer to add gloss to the nail. It worked pretty well! Very shiny, my nails looked like that had been wiped with oil! Very nice. This would be great to use for a French mani or when you don't have time to change polish after removal. BUT I would love it even more if the shape if the buffer was a little more ergonomic.

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  1. I agree - the ergonomics are not right on this product. I have the old original fatty tear-drop shape. Never have seen any other shapes. It does give a lovely shiny buff but takes a ton of strong pushing on the pad to get it. Then I never can get the shine all the way to the edge of my nails. It ends up only in the middle because of the pad shape. Good idea and unique but needs like you said some work still.


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