Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dive Deeper

I don't own many Essie polishes but Dive Bar has quickly become on of my favorites! I had seen it around the blogs a while back now and thought it looked just awesome, but it was nowhere to be found. I ended up picking it up for more than I would have liked to have spend when I was cross boarder shopping, It was the last bottle and I could not resist!

In the bottle Dive Bar has a deep indigo/black base with a shimmery duochrome that looks to shift between purple, teal and blue. On the nail the duochrome is not so prominent, however it is still so beautiful. The shimmer mostly shines of teal and blue, on extreme angles you can catch a slight glimpse of purple.

I loved the deep dark looks for the first part of September, so perfectly fall :)


  1. This is beautiful!! One of my favorite Essies for sure =)

  2. It looks black when you first see it but on the bottom picture it more like a deep dark blue.


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