Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gold Shards of Glitter

I decided to refresh my mani the other day with a thick coat of American Apparel's Meteor Shower. I got the inspiration from another mani I had seen with a black base and gold hex glitter in top.

I find the best way to apply these chunky, sparse glitters is to dab the burst at the base of the nail and gently blot and swipe up to make sure enough glitter appears on the nail.

This combo was alright, it didn't wow me like I had hoped it would. I do love how irregularly shaped the glitter is, so sharp and pointy. They are like little pieces of broken glass.

I have been really craving glitter lately! I hope the removal for this one isn't too bad since it's not a huge amount of glitter.


  1. This is very much what I expect the OPI Bond 007 gold topper to look like - I think it's called 24K - from photos it gives a gold leaf effect. I cannot tell if it lays flat to the nail or not. It's due out in Oct this yr with the rest of the Skywalker collection which is the holiday collection for OPI this yr.

    1. from what I've seen of the real gold toppers, the gold pieces lay a lot flatter and are way thinner than the American Apparel Glitter. I have another gold shard glitter from NYX, I actually did a review on the two on my blog a while back. I think I prefer the NYX because the pieces lay flatter on the nail and they are smaller with a slightly shimmery gold base.


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