Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Little Glue Experiment

Today I have a review for the method I used earlier in the week to create a base coat that peels of easily when you want to change your mani. For more on that post click here, for more info on the method I used watch this video.

So here we go, the first photo was taken right after application.

The next photo is after the first full day of wear.

Midday I noticed a small chip on my pointer finger on the top left side. This was on my left hand only, my right hand did not experience any chipping. After my shower that evening I also noticed that the middle finger had slight lifting at the base, must have been the hot water. It did not peel off.

Day 2

I noticed some minor tip wear on both hands, it's hardly viable and not really abnormal. I also got some tiny chips on my thumbs. This is where I usually get my chipping first no matter the finish or type of polish. Still very minor. After my shower this day I did not get see or feel anymore peeling.

Day 3

I had slightly more chipping on my thumbs. A bit of the polish pulled up which was annoying.

But the rest of my nails looked fine :)

Day 4, Time to peel it off!

This is such a great idea, not only is the removal process much easier, but it also saves a bunch of time. I can tottally see me removing my polish on the bus ride home afterwork without a mess or smell of remover, so I don't have to spend time scrubbing them later when I get home. I heard that the polish is supposed to peel off in sheets, but i had to pick at mine a bit. Still overall a lot easier than traditional removal and not damaging at all to the nail.

I will be trying out this method again over a creme polish in the next few days which I only anticipate wearing for three days. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. This is so awesome! I need to try this for sure, goodbye foil method!!

    1. I know! I am so glad to have found another method that is not damaging or drying at all to the nail or surrounding skin :)

  2. How funny! I just did EXACTLY the same experiment with i herd that & seche vite this week! Sadly for me, mine didnt peel off at all, it was just like regular polish, it must even be down to the brand of glue i guess, anyway its not all bad, because it led me to your blog! New follower here x x x


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