Friday, September 21, 2012

The Layering Continues! Glitter Sandwich

Happy Friday!! I cannot wait for the weekend to start. So a random thought popped in my head the other night before I headed to bed and I knew I must try it. I had thought to myself I wonder how a layer of blue jelly polish would look over my Dive Bar, Meteor Shower concoction...

I didn't think, I just did it! And I am soooo glad :) I applied a thin layer of Revlon's Royal and this manicure just came to life. The glitter looked like crushed ice trapped between the layers of polish. This has got to be one of my favorite layering experiments ever!

It just looks so great, nothing else so say. I'll let the photos do the talking:


  1. Wow, this looks amazing!! Adding Royal on top really made the whole thing pop! Love it!

  2. that look super cool! I don't have glitter like that, but still might try it out~


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