Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Zoya Haul!

I had mentioned that Zoya had a great promo going on at the end of August, buy one get one free on all  polish with a max of four polishes free. The great thing about this offer is that shipping was also free if you had at least six polishes in your cart at checkout.

I picked out all of my polishes out individually but noticed once I received them all that they are super perfect for fall!... maybe with the exception of only one polish.

So here is what I've got! Lets start with the shimmery polishes Left to right Song, Fiefie and Apple. (all full swatches of each polish are at the end of the post.)

Song is also apart of the latest fall collection and it is stunning! Application was outstanding, one coat gives you perfect coverage and glitter. The polish it's self is a deep royal blue shimmer jam packed with blue microglitter. The only thing that worried me about this polish is that it is so rich and pigmented it looks like it may cause staining, so beware! I have not yet tried this on my natural nails so I don't know for sure.


semi shade

FeiFie is one of the two polishes I picked out from the fall collection, Designer & Diva, and it is even more stunning in person. I find it hard to describe it the exact shade, it has what appears to be a deep purple/blue base with gold and blue shimmer. It is the blue version of Daul from the Designer & Diva collection and similar in colour to one of my favorite Zoya's, Crystal.



Apple is the exception to the fall shades I've purchased. I had been wanting this one for a while but was convinced it was too close to another Zoya I have, Ivanka. Once compared side by side I think they are different enough to own both. They both have that awesome shimmery foil finish, and while Ivanka is deeper, Apple is lighter and more of a spring or summer shade. Ivanka still screams Christmas to me!



And the cremes Lulu, Envy and Pinta.

Lulu is a light, soft pink/coral. I'm not sure how many coats are needed for opacity, I would have to test it out on my natural nails to decide. The formula on this one is awesome, self leveling and smooth. This can easily be used as a base for a French manicure or built up on its own.

Envy is a deep, dark mossy green that builds up perfectly in two coats. I noticed something unexpected during application, there appeared to be a graininess and slight blue sheen when wet. Once dry I did not see much shimmer or grain.

I have seen Pinta around for a while now and was indifferent. It looked pretty but did I really need it? To put it simply, YES! This beautiful deep plum is a one coater and perfect for fall. It's more of a blurple type colour and I love it :)

Below are some quick swatches of each polish

Which one is your fave? Did you participate in the promo? If so, what polishes did you pick up?


  1. I missed this promo darn it...wish that Zoya did a broadcast emailing as I don't use FB. I caught wind of the promo via blogs too late to get in on it. I really have my eyeballs on FieFie. Song is pretty but I am waiting to find a side by side comparison of it to OPI's Swimsuit something from the Miss Universe collection released in 2011. Keep thinking they are close. I also have Ivanka and would not think Apple is close. I picked up Apple when I bogught the entire set it is part of Sunshine - summer 2011. That collection has 1 of my all time fav red/oranges named Kimmy - it kills me - I can take it off my toes and go right back for a new fresh pedi using the same color. Cannot get enough of it - really recommend you pick that shade up. It's a red I can wear yr round. I really like that Sunshine collection. I layer 2 of them together - thinking it's Reva and Tanzy and get this amazing shade that smacks of that wonderful red only seen in fall leaves...and if you ever lived in an area where leaves really display for fall, you know the gauge if it's a great fall color yr is the presence of those reds which take special conditions to produce...more yrs that are orange and yellow with not as much red. Like I said...cannot get enough of the whole Sunshine collection...maybe you need to pick up all of them and trade or gift your extra bottle of Apple. There is a green Zoya from the summer 2012 collection as well but it' not nearly as pretty as Apple. Now you have me wanting to firm up my order list for Zoya. I really love their polishes. I like to get the spoons too and see what the shades will look like on me as well as check my stash for close or like shades.

    1. I agree I love their promos but they are usually only for a few days and pop up here and there. OPI's Swimsuit, Nailed it looks like more of a foil to me, where as song is more of a glitter, they may be the same shade of blue but the finish is definitely different.

      The sunshine collection had a lot of awesome colours, Tanzy and Kimmy Keep calling me, but I feel like I have similar polishes already in my collection. I picked up Rica recently and it is so nice and sparkly. I received the swatches from that collection when I participated in the earth day exchange.

      I like the layering idea too, I am from Toronto so we definitely have defined seasons here, I know what you're talking about with the different shades of colour in the leaves. I love fall :)

  2. I wanted to recommend the MUA nail board to you guys. People on there always seem to know the latest on sales and special offers like the Zoya one. :)

    I have Fei Fei and got the Peter Som set, they're all great fall colors. Fei Fei in particular is my favorite in the group, including out of the ones you picked up. If only there was a picture that could adequately capture it....


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